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Helen Molesworth,

We are happy and proud to present Helen Molesworth as a speaker for the Scandinavian Gem Symposium 2018! Helen Molesworth is the Managing Director of Gübelin Academy and Deputy Director of the Gübelin Gem Lab.

Helen Molesworth has a broad commercial, international and academic background in the jewellery industry. Enchanted by gemstones since childhood, and specialising in ancient gems at Oxford, Helen moved directly into the field from University, gaining her FGA with Distinction. She started her career in the jewellery trade in London, moving into the international auction houses, and later becoming a Professeur d'Histoire des Bijoux et Gemmologie while also running her own business in Geneva. During ten years as a jewellery specialist for Sotheby’s and Christie’s in London and Geneva, Helen valued, sold and researched many world-class gems and important collections, including the jewels of HRH The Princess Margaret, sister of the Queen of England. Helen joined Gübelin in 2013 to launch and run Gübelin Academy, combining her passion for gems, jewellery and the sharing of knowledge.

Martin P Steinbach, Asteriated Gems

Mr Star-sapphire himself, Martin P. Steinbach, from Idar Oberstein in Germany. Martin Steinbach is a world renowned expert on gemstones with asterism and is the author of one of the most magnificent gemstone books in modern time, the impressive 900+ pages "Asterism, Gems with a star" and runs the site www.star-sapphires.com

Martin P. Steinbach graduated in 1982 from the German Gemological Association (DGemG) as a Gemologist and is a Fellow of the Gemological Association of West Germany (FGG), and he graduated as an „Accredited Gemologist“ (A.G.) in 1983 with the “Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences” (AIGS) in Bangkok, Thailand. In 1982 he received a Diploma as a Diamond-Expert with the DGemG in Idar-Oberstein.

Jeffery Bergman, Ethiopian Emeralds

Jeffery Bergman is an American born precious gemstone dealer and gemmologist with 5 decades of broad-based experience in natural gemstones, diamonds and fine jewelry.

Jeffery Bergman founder and director of Primagem in Bangkok, Jeffery cut & polished his first gemstone at the age of fourteen starting him on a lifelong career which has taken him to more than 60 countries, and every continent except Antarctica. His formal gemmological training was accomplished at SSEF, the prestigious Swiss Gemmological Institute in Basel, Switzerland where he successfully completed his Basic, Advanced, Diamonds, Pearls & Scientific Gemmology courses qualifying him as an SSEF SGC. He is also a Senior Accredited Gemologist member of the Accredited Gemologists Association.

Jeffery is a frequent guest speaker at GIA Gem Gatherings, gemological conferences & universities, and is a regular contributor to gemological and other publications.

Sandra Brauns FGA, The royal Swedish jewels

Sandra Brauns is one of the foremost Swedish experts on antique jewellery and specialist on the Swedish crown jewels.

Sandra Brauns earned her FGA in Hong Kong 1975. For thirty years, from 1980 she

was the head of renowned Swedish auction firm Bukowskis jewellery department. She

has been teaching gemmology from 1978 to 2008. Presently she is lecturing on gems

and antique jewellery at museums, antiques fairs as well as contributes to trade magazines. Sandra is a member of the Swedish Gemmological Association SGRF.

Conny Forsberg FGA, Synthetic diamonds - are you prepared?

Conny Forsberg runs Swedish Gem Lab and will this year focus on the development in the field of synthetic diamonds.

Conny Forsberg is together with Jan Asplund organiser of the Scandinavian Gem Symposium and joint CEO of the Scandinavian Gem Academy.

Conny Forsberg is a board member of the Swedish gemmological association, SGRF, and runs the most well equipped gem lab in Sweden www.gemlab.se. He earned his FGA in 1987 and diamond grading diploma in 1993. More than 30 years experience in the fields of gemmology and gem cutting.

Jan Asplund, Real, Genuine, Authentic?

Jan Asplund will 2018 hold a presentation around Gemstones from mammals and postmodern challenges to gemmology".

Jan Asplund is together with Conny Forsberg organiser of the Scandinavian Gem Symposium and joint CEO of the Scandinavian Gem Academy.

Jan Asplund is a board member of the Swedish gemmological association, SGRF, and runs the site www.gemmologi.se.

Workshops 2018 - Sunday at Rimforsa Strand

Conny Forsberg FGA, Detection of clarity enhancement in Emerald

Maximum five participants. First registrated first served. Sunday 10.00 AM to noon. Room to be announced.

An introduction to the methodology used by Swedish Gem Lab for detecting, judging amount and when possible pinpoint type of clarity enhancement in Emeralds.

We will use our brains, the microscope, UV-light as well as the FTIR spectrometer. Some theory and a bit of hands on.

Conny Forsberg FGA, Basics of faceting gems

Maximum five participants. First registrated first served. Sunday 1.30 PM to 3.30 PM. Room to be announced. In this workshop we will learn some basic theory and get some hands on experience on a faceting machine.

Scandinavian Gem Symposium 2018


Just like 2017 the 2018 symposium will be held in Kulturkuben, Kisa, Sweden (saturday) and at Rimforsa Strand, Rimforsa, Sweden (saturday dinner and sunday workshops).

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