Rimforsa Strand:


The main recommended conference accomodation and where workshops and conference dinner will be held. 16 minutes by car to saturday conference facility. Top quality food and a very nice staff.

42 rooms and 64-71 beds. WiFi, wooden floors, shower and WC.


If there is problem booking online via web just send them an e-mail and tell them you are participating Scandinavian Gem Symposium 2018. They have special rooms kept for conference attendees that can not be found online. E-mail:


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Rimforsa Strand Website



Booking (Tell them you are participant of Scandinavian Gem Symposium 2018)


Price examples:

Double room in annex 700 SEK per person and night.

Double room in main building towards lake 900 SEK per person and night.

Single rooms as above respectively 1000 SEK and 1200 SEK per night.

Breakfast buffée 125 SEK per person.





Nice conference accomodation. 15 minutes by car to saturday conference facility. Top quality food and a very nice staff. 54 rooms and 84 beds.

Links below for further information.


Storgården web site

The different rooms

The surroundings



Price examples:

857 SEK/person for part in i double room, including taxes and breakfast.

Add 200 SEK for a single room.




Föllingen Hotell:


A nice family owned hotel in the heart of the beautiful Kinda municipality. Five minutes by car to the conference.


Accomodation here are of slightly simpler standard and also lower priced. 27 rooms with single, double and even four beds.

Links below for further information.


Föllingen website





Price examples:

680 SEK/room (up to 4 persons) including taxes.

Breakfast, 50 SEK per person.

Scandinavian Gem Symposium 2018


Just like 2017 the 2018 symposium will be held in Kulturkuben, Kisa, Sweden (saturday) and at Rimforsa Strand, Rimforsa, Sweden (saturday dinner and sunday workshops).

Phone: +46 70 251 91 11

and +46 70 576 44 08



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